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Why Order Food Online with GINO?

  • It's Completely FREE

    Menu prices on GINO are the same as in-restaurant. We don't mark up menu prices like some other sites. We don't charge you for using GINO, period.
  • No Credit Card Required

    We're a new business and if you don't trust us yet, we understand. That's why on GINO we don't require you to pay for your food in advance. Pay when you pick up your food, or pay when it gets delivered - the choice is yours.
  • Saves you time

    It's quicker than Googling the restaurants phone number, calling, being put on-hold, asking about the menu, deciding what to order, then finally placing an order.
  • Simple & Easy to Use

    We understand not everyone is tech-savvy. Our goal is to empower everyone to place their breakfast, lunch or dinner order as quickly and as simply as possible.
  • No Non-Sense Checkout

    Don't want to register on GINO? No problem, Checkout as Guest. AND Checkout is only a ONE-step process. We don't ask stupid questions like what's your street address when it's a pickup order. That's just non-sense. Why do other sites ask? We're just as clueless as you.

Reasons NOT to use GINO

  • You like waiting on-hold on the phone

    Restaurants are busy, often times they have customers standing in fron tof them and if you call, they'll put you on hold. If you enjoy listening to elevator music on the phone, don't use GINO.
  • You enjoy the surprise when you food is wrong

    Restaurants are noisy and sometimes they have trouble hearing you and they get your order wrong. But if you enjoy not getting the food you ordered, don't use GINO.
  • You have too much money and paying more makes you feel alive

    Some other food ordering sites have higher menu prices than at the restaurant. If you have too much money and like paying more than you should, don't use GINO. Although, may we suggest making a donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank or the San Francisco Food Bank so the less fortunate also have food to eat.